Luke Simpson speaks to the Westside Resident magazine

Luke Simpson, Director at Aston Rowe speaks to the Westside Resident magazine about the state of the West London property market and his own lifestyle pursuits.

In what way has the local property market changed in the last year?
Over the past 12 months the local property market has changed dramatically in West London. The sales market is now bustling with activity and buyer applications are outstripping supply of property in certain postcode areas, leading to prices generally increasing across the board. We have noticed a number of buyers trading up locally, instead of moving out of London, and many moving into the area that have sold in more expensive postcodes, to downsize their debt and still get a large family home.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
You’ll find me switching off and sailing the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia with close friends and family. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of the locals coupled with the history and architecture is what I call a holiday. Thirty degrees on the front of a boat makes you quickly forget about the West London property market.

What is your favourite local street?
Churchfield Road these days has a real vibe about it. With a number of lifestyle businesses and very good coffee shops, Churchfield Road has a village feel and community spirit. Whether it’s the launch of another new business or a street party with a local band, Churchfield Road is in the centre of the action. And our office is there of course.

What is your favourite film?
A movie that constantly resonates in my mind due to watching it far too many times is Cool Runnings. Everyone loves an underdog story and who would actually think Jamaica would have a bobsled team. I refrain from using quotes on daily basis.

What are your predictions for the local property market?
I am predicting that the market will continue to go from strength to strength this year. Demand for property does not seem to be slowing and many properties are having to launch to the market via an open house and on some occasions having a number of competing bids, sometimes over asking price. The prices that some properties were sold for six months ago now seem good value in comparison to today’s prices, so it will be interesting how prices will fare over the next 12 months.