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Our Manifesto

Do Better.

It’s our motto. But what do we mean? For our clients it’s an encouragement to demand the service and results you deserve. For us, it’s a commitment to continuous improvement, to never rest on our laurels, to stay hungry, enterprising, honest, and ambitious – for ourselves, our clients and our community. Here are the nine principles that underpin everything we do.

#1. Dialogue, not monologue.

No tedious sales patter about how great we are. We believe in proper conversations, and taking time to find out what people need, and want to know.

#2. We don’t have laurels to rest on, but even when we do, we won’t.

Complacency isn’t our style. We’re a growing business, working hard to make a mark, but we’ll always go the extra mile, no matter how big we get.

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#3. We hire individuals not robots.

We don’t have a ‘type’ – unless you count ‘fiercely individual’ as a ‘type’. Our people know who they are, and can understand and connect with people on many levels.

#4. Succeed together.

We work as a team to achieve results that work for all parties. It’s how we ensure our clients get great service and a sale or tenancy that goes the distance.

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#5. Processes that work for people, not the other way around.

Every client is unique. Good processes ensure that things are done consistently well, but if something isn’t working for our clients, we change it.

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#6. Tell the truth, even when it’s not what they want to hear.

Managing expectations and giving honest feedback is one of the hardest parts of our job, but people can only make good decisions if they’re properly informed.

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#7. The best price is accurate, not fanciful.

We’ve never believed in raising false hope to get an instruction, because we don’t want our clients to end up feeling misled or disappointed, only delighted.

#8. Do what’s right, not just what’s convenient.

Truth is, there’s still no substitute for hard work. Shortcuts and quick-fixes aren’t our thing, because they don’t lead to long-term success for us or our clients.

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#9. Give back.

We don’t pretend that marketing is charity. Rather, we make meaningful contirbutions to our local communities and encourage our people to get stuck in.

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