Property Management

In addition to our tenant introduction service, we offer a comprehensive property management service to landlords who would rather not have the stress and inconvenience often created by the day to day management of an on-going tenancy.

The prompt and efficient management of a tenancy is key to keeping a good working relationship between tenants and landlords and avoiding tenancy disputes and unhappy tenants.  

Our dedicated and experienced management department is responsible for maintaining on-going relationships with tenants, ensuring that rent is paid on time, the property is being well kept through regular inspections and that the general terms of the tenancy are being upheld.

In addition to these basic requirements, our property management department is responsible for dealing with any maintenance issues that arise and ensuring the relevant legal requirements and safety procedures have been met at the outset of the tenancy.

For full details on our letting service please request a copy of our letting guide by emailing us here.

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