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The best of Nature, Comfort and Style, enjoyed just minutes away from Acton Park

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Garden parties, late Sunday mornings on the terrace and classy afternoon teas are definitely our payoff for missing on scorching summers Ė and the architectural team of this house surely knew this. Within walking distance from the Acton Park or Churchfield Roadís wealth of lively pubs and restaurants, its location is also a 10 minutesí drive from the Westfield Shopping Centre and West Londonís top schools. The area therefore provides a match for fast-paced lifestyles whilst also ensuring the peace for a true home at the end of the day.

The house I am presenting is a merger of the past and the future. Whilst it maintains a classic Victorian double fronted faÁade, the minimalist finish framing the back entrance comes rather unexpected. The same quirky mix lives on indoors. Antiquated mirror frames and vintage carpets enliven the cool colours of a modern architecture. When the night comes the golden chandeliers embrace the entire house in a romantic glow. The facilities, of course, benefiting of the latest home technology to enhance comfort.

Casting the shadows of apple, pear and walnut trees, the garden is certainly a top-tier feature, though not the only one. Next to the garden lies a stunning open-plan kitchen, disposing of three meters high stationary windows overlooking the garden and four meters high ceilings that broaden the view and the mind. These, along with three reception rooms on the ground floor assure hotel-standards for guests and a stylish choice for a cocktail party.

At the same time the property is an excellent option for a comfortable accommodation of a family. It has five bedrooms and three bathrooms arranged in the same smart vs. vintage design accustomed within this house. The loft has been converted into the master bedroom overlooking the street, of no less than 365 sq ft.

Whatís more, this location provides alternatives to have some fun that meet all tastes. Quiet and active persons alike will enjoy the wonderful sights Acton Park has to offer and the range of sports available at the Park Club (5 min). There is no chance to get bored with so many possibilities to get some fun at home and nearby!


Derwentwater Summer Fete 2017

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Published: 03/07/2017    Last Updated: 04/07/2017 09:16:01    Tags: summer fete derwentwater primary acton aston rowe 

Sunís out, funís on! What a gorgeous couple of weeks weíve had, letís hope the weather hangs around a week longer for the Derwentwater summer fete this Friday 7th July late afternoon / evening.
Itís an event we always look forward to being a part of every year with the fantastic stalls and games including penalty shootouts, tombola, performances from the children and lots a yummy food to try. We usually provide a stall with competitions for the kids but this year weíre excited to be bringing a Photo Booth from Momentous!

 If you are looking for Photo booth hire in London for a unique, quirky and memorable event then check them out!

They have stylish booths with unlimited prints and even a fun filled prop box. If you love a selfie or equally a good old fashioned family photo to take home then come and find us and take part in a fun filled photo shoot of your own. Capture the laughter and excitement on camera with us at Aston Rowe and the Momentous Photo Booth team.

Lettings: How to best manage your assets

Published: 24/12/2014    Last Updated: 19/02/2015 19:32:41    By: Luke Simpson   

When it comes to lettings, whilst a return on investment is one thing, sleeping well at night is quite another!

Some landlords, especially those who are new to the experience, understandably wish to use a letting agent simply as a route to market in order to find a tenant. However, whilst a return on investment is one thing, sleeping well at night is quite another! A managed service is not just about chasing late rent, resolving disputes and inventory control.
When your property is professionally managed, itís all about accountability. This means regular inspections to check that your tenant is treating your investment with the respect it deserves. During these inspections, well-trained staff are able to identify any areas that should be investigated in order to avoid or reduce costs later.
Many tenants also prefer to rent a property that is managed through a letting agent, possibly because they have had a ďproblem landlordĒ in the past so they tend to stay longer.
Additionally, no matter how compliant a tenant may seem at the outset, the last thing a landlord needs is someone phoning him/her at all hours with the some minor issue over a draft, dripping tap, clanking pipes, noisy neighbours, etc. All or these are part of a dayís work for a dedicated managing agent!
One of the most important considerations is that as property managers, we get to know our clientsí tenants, and have a good understanding of their plans, often pre-empting a premature departure, so we can prepare and let the property in time to avoid it being empty Ė even for a day!
Most of our landlords derive great value from our managed service and we invite you to experience the difference yourself.

In his own words, Harry Hammonds Sales Manager talks about his journey into agency

Property image Property image

I often sit and wonder if my career in estate agency was one of chance or destiny. If I were asked as a young adolescent what industry I could see my future career being in, I most likely would have said media following in the footsteps of my father whom had worked for the Financial Times for many years. It seemed a logical step.

Some of my close family had for many years been involved in the property business in various sectors, including a cousin who had embarked in a career in Estate Agency around the time, and frankly it had not even entered my head that this could be a path for me.

Then arrived my Sliding doors moment for any of you familiar with the Gwyneth Paltrow film of the late Ninetyís. Sat in form assembly  on the day our work experience placements were announced, I was pinning my hopes on the two week placement I had listed as first choice working for the local Gazette, only to find I was to be spending a fortnight at a local estate agents on Ascot High street. After a moment of initial disappointment, I embraced my new role and began tapping up family memberís in the industry for a bit of an inside opinion of what to expect.

And there it began. The property bug if you like. I enjoyed every moment of it and even then managed to get a Saturday job working for Savills nearby and one could say I never looked back.
I am originally from Ascot and began my career local to home, but there was a burning desire to edge closer to London one day and test my skills in the famed London market. After a brief spell in Middlesex, I then moved to a large corporate company and had spells in both Ealing and Chiswick before setting stall in Acton with Aston Rowe.

After a number of years in the corporate agency, I decided the culture wasnít quite for me and was in the market for a move, as I had a really great experience working for a strong local independent in Ascot, so I wanted to find a London equivalent.
After a few interviews, a cousin of mine, who just so happens to be a director of Aston Rowe, had a word in the ear over a few glasses of champagne at a family wedding about wanting to recruit a strong team to head up Acton sales and establish a market leading Estate agency brand, and wondered if I was interested. It was a no brainer really.

Over the past three years, I feel a sense of achievement as to the progress we have made and itís great to be a part of that. Itís rewarding creating a business out of the ground and in to an on-going success and far more interesting than being a number in a large organisation as before.

I now head up the Sales team and one of the most satisfying elements of why I love my job here is working your socks off to do a good job on a sale, and get a great review and pat on the back from a happy seller or buyer at the end. It makes it all worthwhile and far more so than the financial reward in my book.

Our directors have worked hard to recruit the very best candidates and have instilled an ethos of excellence in everything we do, and are continually working on developing growth and consistency every day, which is a good reason as to how we have risen to having an enviable market share from nothing in three and a half years.

This year we look forward to the opening of our second office in Brook Green in the early spring, and I am sure the story wonít end there after judging by the drive of our senior management. There is certainly no nepotism within these walls and our desire to strive forward with a focus on excellent service is a good reason why a third of our business comes via referral.

So I suppose I can thank my old tutor Mrs Ardy for picking me to work for the local Estate Agent and not the newspaper as today I could by contrast be writing this article for some event in the financial climate.

And if you havenít seen Sliding doors, I suggest you do as itís an interesting theory.


Luke Simpson speaks to the Westside Resident magazine

Property image Property image

Luke Simpson, Director at Aston Rowe speaks to the Westside Resident magazine about the state of the West London property market and his own lifestyle pursuits.

In what way has the local property market changed in the last year?
Over the past 12 months the local property market has changed dramatically in West London. The sales market is now bustling with activity and buyer applications are outstripping supply of property in certain postcode areas, leading to prices generally increasing across the board. We have noticed a number of buyers trading up locally, instead of moving out of London, and many moving into the area that have sold in more expensive postcodes, to downsize their debt and still get a large family home.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
Youíll find me switching off and sailing the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia with close friends and family. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of the locals coupled with the history and architecture is what I call a holiday. Thirty degrees on the front of a boat makes you quickly forget about the West London property market.

What is your favourite local street?
Churchfield Road these days has a real vibe about it. With a number of lifestyle businesses and very good coffee shops, Churchfield Road has a village feel and community spirit. Whether itís the launch of another new business or a street party with a local band, Churchfield Road is in the centre of the action. And our office is there of course.

What is your favourite film?
A movie that constantly resonates in my mind due to watching it far too many times is Cool Runnings. Everyone loves an underdog story and who would actually think Jamaica would have a bobsled team. I refrain from using quotes on daily basis.

What are your predictions for the local property market?
I am predicting that the market will continue to go from strength to strength this year. Demand for property does not seem to be slowing and many properties are having to launch to the market via an open house and on some occasions having a number of competing bids, sometimes over asking price. The prices that some properties were sold for six months ago now seem good value in comparison to todayís prices, so it will be interesting how prices will fare over the next 12 months.

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